Undergraduate Studies

The Major in Ethics, History & Public Policy

About the Major

EHPP MajorThe B.A./B.S. in Ethics, Histor & Public Policy prepares students for leadership positions in law, public policy, ethics, and advocacy by providing them with a rigorous, interdisciplinary humanistic and social-scientific education. It also serves as an excellent spring board for graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines. The program focuses equally on the historical understanding of how modern-day problems have evolved, and the importance of developing clear criteria for ethical decision-making. The capstone project course provides students with the opportunity to engage with real-world public policy challenges using the methods, theories and knowledge that they have gained through the major. Offered jointly by the departments of History and Philosophy, the EHPP major encourages specialization, internship experiences, and research in a wide range of policy areas.

Additional Major

All Ethics, History & Public Policy requirements for an additional major are the same as those for non-B.S. degree candidates whose primary major is EHPP. Only one course may double count for both a student's EHPP additional major and the student's primary major.

Major Requirements

To view the complete requirements for EHPP, please visit the Undergraduate Course Catalog.


For more information on the EHPP major, please visit the EHPP website or contact:

Professor Alex John London
Professor of Philosophy and Director, The Center for Ethics and Policy
Office: Baker H-all 150-A
Phone: 412.268.4938
Email: ajlondon@andrew.cmu.edu

Correy Dandoy
Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Department of Philosophy
Office: Baker Hall 161A
Phone: 412.268.3704
Email: correy@cmu.edu