Fall 2014

Case Study 1:
Jewish Ghettos in Early Modern Europe

Bernard D. Cooperman:“Early Modern Urbanization and the Ghettoization of Jews”
September 5, 2014

Benjamin Ravid: “The Original Italian Ghetto: Myth and Reality”
September 11, 2014

Kenneth Stow: “The End of Confessionalism: The Roman Ghetto as a Hothouse for Legal Debate”
October 10, 2014

Samuel Gruber: “The Italian Jewish Ghetto in Context: A Culture of Enclosure and Control”
October 17, 2014

Case Study 2:
Ghettos and the Colonial Project in Southern Africa

Dawne Y. Curry: “Their World is a Ghetto: Squatters, Space, and Power in 1940s Alexandra, South Africa”
October 24, 2014

Mhoze Chikowero: “‘Skokiaan’: Criminalized Leisure, Underclass Defiance & Self-Narration”
October 31, 2014

Alex Lichtenstein: “Citizens, not Subjects: Spatial Segregation and the Making of Durban’s African Working Class (Notes Towards a Critique of Mamdani)”
November 13, 2014

Gavin Steingo: “Practices of Immobility: Popular Music Production and Sensory Perception in Soweto”
Friday, November 21, 2014

Spring 2015

Case Study 3:
Nazi Ghettos and the Holocaust

Anika Walke: “There was no work, we worked only for the Germans: Ghetto Labor and Alienation in the German-Occupied Soviet Territories”
January 23, 2015

Zvi Gitelman & Lenore J. Weitzman: “Jewish Resistance in Ghettos in the Former Soviet Union during the Holocaust”
January 29, 2015

Martin Modlinger: “Theresienstadt 1941-1945: A Model Ghetto Misunderstood”
February 6, 2015

Helene J. Sinnreich: “Hunger and Its Effects on Ghetto Inmates”
February 20, 2015

Gali Tibon: "Am I My Brother's Keeper?"
Special Session - Monday, March 2, 2015

Case Study 4:
The African American Ghetto in the United States

Tobias Brinkmann: “Shifting ‘Ghettos’: Established Jews, Immigrant Jews and African-Americans in Chicago 1880-1960”
March 20, 2015

Jeffrey D. Gonda: “The American Ghetto as an International Human Rights Crisis, 1945-1948”
March 30, 2015

Brian Purnell: “Unmaking the Ghetto: Community Organizing, Economic Development, Neighborhood Revitalization and Persistent Social Inequality in Bedford-Stuyvesant since the 1960s”
April 10, 2015

Stephen Robertson: “What Was Life Like in 1920s Harlem?”
Tim Cole: “Reshaping the City: The Ghetto and Jewish and non-Jewish space”
April 24, 2015