Graduate Studies

Xiuyu Wang, Ph.D., 2006

Xiuyu Wang teaches in the Department of History at Washington State University as an Associate Professor specializing in the fields of Chinese, East Asian and Modern World History. His doctoral training at Carnegie Mellon’s History Department focused on the history and anthropology of modern China, supplemented with Asian Studies, Political Science, and US history coursework with faculties at CMU and University of Pittsburgh. Subsequent success in publication, teaching and tenure enabled him to broaden his research from the initial focus on the Kham Chinese-Tibetan borderland to the ethnically and ecologically diverse southwest region of China. Grounded in historical approaches and methodologically interdisciplinary, Wang’s current research examines how political relations between state and frontier society in 20th century Chinese Southwest co-evolved with regional economy and ecology, influenced by cultural and ideological forces from outside worlds. The comparative components of his research have led to wider geographical focus and academic collaboration in China, Taiwan, Japan, and western countries. As a teacher, Wang continues to innovate and expand on his teaching portfolio, venturing into new course subjects and overseas teaching. Outside the academe, Wang has used his language and cultural skills as someone equally at home with Chinese- and English-speaking environments to pursue translation and consulting projects that fit his personal interests.