Graduate Studies

Kaaz Naqvi, Ph.D., 2015

Since Kaaz Naqvi finished his doctorate, he has been working as an upper school history teacher at the The Blake School, in Minneapolis. Having studied African American and Immigration History at CMU, the theories and conceptual frameworks he learned in seminars and readings courses with the faculty have played a critical role in shaping the courses he designs for his students. Furthermore, Kaaz has been able to incorporate a wide range of academic texts into his practice in order to familiarize his students with classic and recent scholarship in the field. As part of the doctoral program, he had the chance to get his first taste of teaching as a T.A. in World History. His experiences with World History at CMU went a long way towards getting him his current teaching position. Outside of teaching, his time in the graduate program led him to developing his scholarship. Through coursework with faculty in the department, he had the opportunity to publish an article and explore possible avenues for future research. Under the guidance of his committee, he was able to conceive of, shape, and write a dissertation that is set for publication later this year. Most importantly, the small cohorts and shared experiences for graduate students in the department allowed him to build lifelong friendships. Reflecting on his time at CMU, the intellectual and social atmosphere of the program is what he remembers most fondly.