David H. Fowler

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D.: Yale University, 1963
Department Member Since: 1959


Dr. Fowler came to Carnegie Mellon, then Carnegie Institute of Technology, in 1959. He was the acting head of the department for several periods in the 1960s. He taught courses relating to minorities in American history, the American Presidency, the development of American Society, business history and advertising, and the American Constitution.

In addition to teaching, Dr. Fowler took on many special positions within the department. These included coordinating advanced placement history programs in local area high schools, directing summer institutes in history for teachers from predominantly black and other small colleges, and chairing the Development of American Society course from 1988-1984. He was also a member of several prestigious organizations on campus such as the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Review Committee, the Faculty Policy Committee, and the Committee to Evaluate the President.

Selected Publications

Bourne, D. A., L. J. Fowler, and D. H. Fowler, "Seeking Compliance: Individualizing Form Letters by Computer," Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Vol. 23 (4), 353-370, (1993).
Fowler, L. J., and D. H. Fowler, eds., Revelations of Self: American Women in Autobiography, State University of New York Press, 1990.
Fowler, D. H., Northern Attitudes Towards Interracial Marriage, 1780-1930, Garland Publishing, Inc, (1987).
Fowler, D. H. and L. J. Fowler, "Literary Studies and Communications Skills: Separation or Reconciliation?" English Journal, 73(3), March, 1984) 43-48.
Fowler, D. H. L. J. Fowler, and L. Lamdin, "Themes of Old Age in Pre-Industrial Western Literature," in Peter N. Stearns, ed., Old Age in Pre-Industrial Society, Holmes and Meier, (1983), pp 19-45.

Contact Info

Department of History
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P: 412.268.2880
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